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VW Beetle Double A-arm Front Suspension - STR - RHD


LEAD TIME: Immediate.

US$ 1.981,82

A brand new front double A arm suspension for your Beetle (Type 1). Its design delivered a sport and confortable handling, with rack and pinion steering and fully adjustable triangular arms. (With adjustments of height, toe, camber and caster).

With simplified installation, it is bolt on in the front head plate, replacing the entire system of the original suspension. In this STR model you will use your standard ball joint spindle.

RHD - Right Hand Drive model.

A system with springs and shock absorbers (coilover): Sportivity, comfort and safety for your car!

* For custom cars, requires labor with technical knowledge for correct assembly.



Laser Cut


Weight: 40 kg (with steering box)


*Installation manual with drawings, pictures and assembly instructions.

** It is necessary modify the bottom of the original tank.

*** Need to fabricate a special steering column with joints, like the super beetle.

SDI RHD Beetle Steering column Kit

US$ 257,14

Sway Bar Mounting SDI

US$ 231,17


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