Auto parts company with engineering focused on the research, development and manufacture of products for the segment of car customization.

Was founded in 2002, by the brothers Ricardo and Felipe Mohr. Amateur racing drivers, started doing special parts for their own cars in the garage, since  engineering college back in the 90's.

At the beginning focused on the manufacture of components for brazilian cars, mainly the VW Beetle and Fox, brought new concepts in projects for special and high performance parts.

In 2003 already it offered structural bars, exchange supports and other specific parts for the best performance of Beetles and Fox, mainly for drag races.

In 2005, launched a line of plastic fuel tanks, pioneering the manufacture of replicas such as Ford Maverick, Dodge Dart & Charger, VW Beetle, VW Fox and also special competition tanks, both original replicas with catch tanks, and universal models with various capacities.   

Always ahead of its time, in 2012 launched a great new product in the national market: The Double A-Arm Independent Front Suspension for the VW Beetle. This type of suspension has elevated the customization of the Beetle to another level: Now our customers could have a fast and secure Beetle with a modern suspension of high performance. 

One thing was leading to another, and with an engineering team focused on Research & Development of new products, soon came the Independent VW Beetle Double A-Arm Rear Suspension, IRS, Double A-arm front and rear suspensions for VW Bus and many other products.

With more than 200 products in our list, we sell our products for Brazilian aftermarket and more than 30 countries in the world.

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