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VW Beetle Rear Double A-Arm


LEAD TIME: Immediate.

US$ 2.075,58

A new rear double A Arm suspension for your Beetle. Fully independent, to use with C.V. Joint. (like I.R.S./1303 Beetle System) You can adjust camber and toe with the wishbone and spring load in the coil-over spring.

Stock Beetle style trans mount.

Go fast and confortable with this double wishbone iMohr suspension! 

No chassis cut;

No weld.

* With the VW aircooled engine need to modify the exhaust, making special / custom J-tubes.

* For custom cars, requires labor with technical knowledge for correct assembly.

Material: Steel 


Cut: Laser CNC

Finish: Black and Red Powdercoating

Weight: 40 kg

Brakes: Minimum Ø278mm disc brake.

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